The growth of a little painter

Hi! Welcome to my vlog, Please appreciate it because I have worked hard on it. Thank you!

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Where the magic happens

This is my safe space where I could be myself and express my self through art. My environment affects me heavily specially when the room is messy or not. I always wanted a desk that fit my aesthetic with the perfect lighting, a lot of plants, small items that inspire me and access to allContinue reading “Where the magic happens”

Where I am headed

Spoiler alert: I wont be going to art school:( That’s right I won’t go to art school and live the “Art student aesthetic” life everyone thought I was headed towards. Though I love art and it is basically my whole life its not something I want my work to become. I know that others sayContinue reading “Where I am headed”

Works of an aspiring Artist

Princess Brion is an artist born on October 12, 2004, who lives in the Philippines. She has a passion for art ever since she was a kid, curious of what her little hands can do. With years of hard work and development of her skills her stick man drawings became paintings that expresses who sheContinue reading “Works of an aspiring Artist”

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