Works of an aspiring Artist

Princess Brion is an artist born on October 12, 2004, who lives in the Philippines. She has a passion for art ever since she was a kid, curious of what her little hands can do. With years of hard work and development of her skills her stick man drawings became paintings that expresses who she is.

The artist herself

“There are no mistakes,

just happy accidents”

– Bob Ross

Painting gave me the freedom to do anything in
a world filled with hate, there was no judgement.

The art:

gouache – micron outliner 1.00mm – vellum board

Lemonade. When Life gives you Lemons, paint them. It was a hot day with the sun shining brightly and only a few clouds show up. In a tropical country this day was just an ordinary day but I felt sweat drip on my face. The dryness of my throat made me parched and thinking of a cold iced drink made it even more worse. Water was just too plain to be drank on a hot summer day but adding lemons gave it a whole different flavor. Just like in life we need to add a few lemons to add a little kick and fun.

gouache – vellum board

“Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees and all will be alright in time”. I use to think that the life span of leaves are pointless. They will just die after a few month then grow back so why wont they just stay? After hearing the song from a Filipino band artist “Ben & Ben” called leaves it made me realize its deep meaning. Just like leaves sometimes we feel empty maybe because we have a problem but eventually just like leaves we will grow from the emptiness and flourish.

gouache – micron outliners 1.0, 2.0, 0.03 – brush pen

“Once You’ve Met Someone You Never Really Forget Them. It Just Takes A While For Your Memories To Return.” Spirited away by Studio Ghibli will always be one of my favorite movies to watch because of its beautiful animation and my childhood crush haku.

acrylic – 14×18 corkboard

I made this at 3 am. It was one of those moments that I just had a sudden spark inside me. No, I did not have a direction and No I didn’t know what I was doing. All I had was that urge to paint at 3 am and it was resulted to my favorite piece I’ve ever done. Follow your spark sometimes it might lead you to great places.

 Find me on my socials:
 IG: princess_brion 
 Artacc: qwekqwek
 FB/MSG: Princess Brion 
 For inquires email me 

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