Where I am headed

Spoiler alert: I wont be going to art school:(

That’s right I won’t go to art school and live the “Art student aesthetic” life everyone thought I was headed towards. Though I love art and it is basically my whole life its not something I want my work to become. I know that others say find what you love and strive to make is as something you can earn from but it is not like that for me. Painting for me meant relaxation, alone time, a moment that I could spend some time to express myself. Overall it was a hobby for me that was special, I’m afraid that if I make it into “work” it would not become my escape to this world full of stress. But no worries even if I would not attend art school I intend to use my talent to benefit the world and myself and that is architecture.

In October 2020, I joined the “Inktober” even for artist where in it was a challenge to draw anything everyday. I chose the prompt Architecture to give me a glimpse of what I was going to do in college as I pursue the said course. I made small paintings of buildings such as the Big ben, Sagrada and Arc de Trio. Though it was quit hard to get the small details right since I was working in a small space it was still fun and helped me broaden my understanding to the complexity of drawing infrastructures around the world.

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